Crystal Methamphetamine Effects
How Meth Destroys
the Liver
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The liver is the body’s largest internal organ. Along with the kidneys, the liver clears the blood of drugs and toxins that might otherwise build up in the body.


The liver breaks down crystal into simpler chemicals so they can be excreted.

Each time blood circulates through the liver, it breaks down more of the drug.

Crystal competes with other drugs to get broken down in the liver. The liver cannot break down an overload of toxic substances. When this happens, the amount of toxic substances in the bloodstream goes up. This leads to dangerous drug interactions and stimulant overdose. Overdose can mean sudden and dangerous increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to a severe lack of oxygen and blood to the brain. Body temperature can go up to dangerous levels. Sweating (which cools down the body down) sometimes does not happen in stimulant overdose. During overdose, one could see spots (due to pressure on the nerves in the eye) or pass out. Chances of heart attack, stroke or coma go up.