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For more than 15 years now, In The Meantime has explored and implemented initiatives that focus on the overall wellbeing of Black gay, SGL, and bisexual men in Los Angeles County. According to both younger and maturing LGBT people, the issue of Mental Health ranks among the top five most critical issues impacting the broader Black LGBT community.

ITMT is excited to announce the launch of a mental health initiate that supports ‘Brothers @ 7’, ITMT, a focus on men. This community developed approach to wellness will:
· Engage license clinical healthcare professionals in facilitating free Empowerment Session,
· Utilize social media to both educate and direct community member to local resources,
· Offer an extensive website information resource listing of services and web-based informational resources,
· Provide direct mental health referrals,
· Conduct community outreach and distribute educational and empowerment group session promotional materials.
In The Meantime will host bi-Weekly sessions on identified Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.
Brothers @ 7 will meet Bi-Weekly at the Carl Bean House/ Community Services Center, ITMT.
In The Meantime @ Adams, (The Carl Bean House)
2146 W. Adams Blvd.
LA CA 90018
For additional Information: 323-733-4868

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African Americans and African American LGBT Mental Health


The Los Angeles Department of Mental Health


About Mental Disorders and Treatment


About Addictions and Anonymous Recover Groups


Local Los Angeles Mental Health and Support Resources for African American gay men
In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc.
The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
The Village Health / Mental Health


Trusted Mental Health care Professionals for Black gay men in Los Angeles
Siri Sat Nam
Dr. Rodney Collins
Jenenne Macklin
Roger Quinney
Spiritual Support Counseling:

 Alfreda Lanoix

Pastor Curt Thomas
Pastor Kelvin Sauls
Unity Fellowship of Christ Church
For additional information about In The Meantime’s ‘Brothers @ 7 Empowerment Groups’ call our office at 323-733-4868.