21765102_10155064340144205_117272927076915026_nThis year’s IN THE MEANTIME UMOJA RETREAT was SPECTACULAR. The Desert Ridge Estate was breath taking. The workshops were powerful. The Brothers are priceless. The Family came together and we had ourselves one AMAZING Retreat. We are family, Stronger Together! I Love My Brother, I Love Myself! I Trust My Brother, I Trust Myself!






The Legends Ball 2017


We hope that you will enjoy these AMAZING images from ‘INside OUTside: Celebrating Our Storytellers’,
In collaboration with AFH, In The Meantime, inHale Entertainment, and Native Son
Sunday, August 13, 2017, 3-6pm
NeueHouse Hollywood, 6121 Sunset Blvd. LA CA 90
Reception, Media Exbibit, and Awards Presentation




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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day @ In The Meantime Wellness was exceptional. Special thanks to Charles Mc Wells and our amazing panelist, Rev. Leslie Burke, Cynthia Davis, Traci Bivens-Davis, Bridget Gordon and Precious Jackson. Community coming together warmed this space we call home, The Carl Bean House, ‘Community Lives Here’.


Facilitated by Jewel Thais-Williams, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac, M.S.O.M
Join community for the first in a series of quarterly WELLNESS CLINICS in partnership with Jewel Thais Williams/ The Village Health Foundation and the In The Meantime Wellness Center.
In The Meantime Wellness Center,
2146 W. Adams, LA CA 90018
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
FREE and OPEN to the general public. ALL are Welcome
Learn better about creating and maintaining a lifestyle of Wellness/ diet, exercise, acupuncture demonstrations, herbs and more.


In The Meantime’s 19th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration


The Black Masquerade Party

In The Meantime and it’s BoiRevolution youth initiative hosted the Most Amazing, ‘BLACK PARTY’ MASQUERADE BALL. This year’s annual Ball was attended by more than 200 invited guest at the historic Carl Bean House, (the home of In The Meantime). The surrounding grounds, court yard and red room parlor were all packed to capacity with men and women of all ages. ITMT staff was on point and all the host and Performances were more than amazing!



Words cannot express how POWERFULLY this year’s UMOJA Retreat unfolded. EVOLVING! A diverse group of intergenerational Black men came together to manifest healing, releasing, laughter, bonding, self-discovery, and collective affirmation. For the past 19 years every retreat has had its perfect unfoldment as well as its perfect storm. Lord! that bus evolution… will be a story that we will tell for years to come. I’m inviting all of the soldier that took the bus back to LA for an all-expense paid trip to Magic Mountain on me. Thanks to everyone who cooked, facilitated, coordinated and blessed us with their brilliant light and talents.



Words cannot express how POWERFULLY this year’s UMOJA Retreat unfolded. EVOLVING! A diverse group of intergenerational Black men came together to manifest healing, releasing, laughter, bonding, self-discovery, and collective affirmation. For the past 19 years every retreat has had its perfect unfoldment as well as its perfect storm. Lord! that bus evolution… will be a story that we will tell for years to come. I’m inviting all of the soldier that took the bus back to LA for an all-expense paid trip to Magic Mountain on me. Thanks to everyone who cooked, facilitated, coordinated and blessed us with their brilliant light and talents.









































BLACK GAY MEN’S WELLNESS MONTH, Opening Reception and Panel Presentation’, ‘THE Evolution of Black Gay Men’ was EXCEPTIONAL! The topic centered on the ‘The State of Black Gay Men’, Living and loving through the perils of HIV, homophobia and racism.
The three panelist, (Darnell Anthony Green, Aunsha Hall-Everett, and Gerald Garth) displayed a keen sense and knowledge of the issues that disproportionately impact Black Gay Men. Each panelist was thoughtful and astute in their recommendations for interventions. The dialogue was masterfully facilitated by JavonTae Wilson and Greg Wilson as they wove together a focused dialogue that was inclusive and solution driven.

‘How Do We Look’ AMAZING! A special thanks to the amazing panelist who participated and facilitated last night’s Community forum for Black Gay Men’s Wellness Month, week #2 @ In The Meantime. The panel and audience participants explored ways that Black Gay Men are portrayed in the film industry and throughout social media outlets. Panel Participants included Rodney Chester, Spencer Collins, and Jayce Baron Sadler. The evening was facilitated by JaVonTae Wilson and Mr. Greg Wilson

Tuesday, August 16, 2016, ‘Feeling Good, Living Well’ with the notorious Dr. Wilbert Jordan was one of the highlights of the year. In The Meantime, is grateful for the many years of dedication and support that Dr. Jordan has given to our community. The lives of Black Gay Men are better because of his continued commitment to meeting the wellness needs for thousands. Click on to the link to view session highlightsTuesday, August 16, 2016, ‘Feeling Good, Living Well’ with the notorious Dr. Wilbert Jordan was one of the highlights of the year. In The Meantime, is grateful for the many years of dedication and support that Dr. Jordan has given to our community. The lives of Black Gay Men are better because of his continued commitment to meeting the wellness needs for thousands.

‘BLACK GAY MEN’S WELLNESS MONTH’ concluded its month long series of community forums with a powerful panel presentation and discussion centered around the topic of ‘Spiritual and Emotional Wellness’, Pastor Gabriel L. Nash, Chris Cotton and Donnie Hue Frazier III took the discussion to the next level. Greg Wilson displayed expert facilitation skills in shaping the dynamic exchange. We hope that you will join us for In The Meantime’s 19th anniversary celebration/ closing ceremony for Black Gay Men’s Wellness Month.

#MENtorship, In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc. hosted its quarterly Mentee dinner at the Carl Bean House tomorrow, Wed, August 10, 2016, 7-9pm. Catered by California Pizza Kitchen. If you want to find out more about #MENtorship and how you can be connected to a mentor, join us. 2146 W. Adams Blvd. LA CA 90018. (Must be 18- early 30’s to attend). Young LA brothers Rock!


In The Meantime hosted it’s annual pre-pride Celebration at the Carl Bean House. A great time was had by all. DJ KeKe turned it up for the dance floor, Michelle was amazing as always! Our local Pride leaders came out to share about the upcoming weekend. To find out what’s going on this weekend log onto our website and check the most recent MESSAGE digital copy. There you will find events and social media contacts. Let the CELEBRATION begin!



In The Meantime’s MENtorship Project hosted a special dinner for existing and prospective mentors at the home of In The Meantime, (The Carl Bean House). Some of LA’s most conscious and established Brothers came together to discuss their individual MENtorship relationships and to offer recommendation on how to improve and expand upon the already growing movement.


In The Meantime held a Candle Light Vigil for our fallen Brothers and Sisters in Orlando Florida.

Our Los Angeles Community came together to honor our Brothers and sisters in Orlando. Our hearts go out to those directly and indirectly impacted. ALL OF US! Through the tears and laughter we continue to RISE!


Kundalini Yoga @ In The Meantime


Every Saturday.  All are welcome to attend. The Kundalini is untapped energy (prana) at the base of the spine that can be drawn up through the body awakening each of the seven chakras. Full enlightenment occurs when this energy reaches the crown chakra at the top of the head.



MESSAGE Spring  2016 Launch Party


The Black Gay Men’s Task Force

On April 20th, the Black Gay Men’s Task Force met with Erin Adams, the Assistant Deputy for Health in the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to share about the work of the task force and the various perspectives of Black gay men.




It was a lovely day in the City of LA. Easter Sunday, In The Meantime, LA’s Premier Black Gay Men’s Organization presented its 2nd annual MENtorship Brunch. 3 deserving Young Black Men received the King-Bremond Scholarship Award., Kendall Wright, D Ryan Thomas, and Carlos Jamieson. The Chuck Johnson Jazz quartet was amazing as always and Chef Deon prepared the best Easter Brunch ever. Beautiful gifted men and women enjoyed each other.


In The Meantime’s ‪#‎SEXREADY‬, safe sex campaign was the proud sponsor of the Battle Zone, mini ball. The evenings host Mother Chanel is family and longtime friend of In The Meantime. Our ‘In The Meantime Get Tested Mobile Unit Provided free HIV testing. Crenshaw will never be the same.


Sunday, February 7th
Brandon Anthony, InTheMeantimeMen‬ & BoiRevolution teamed up to
bring the #SexReady campaign to the community.


In The Meantime opened the Month of February with a ground breaking viewing and community discussion focused on the Black and Black LGBTQ Community, Jayce Baron of kiss and Tell masterfully facilitated this historic interview with long standing community activist and entrepreneurs, Jewel Thais Williams of the Catch One Disco and the Village Health Foundation and Jeffrey C. King, Founder and Executive Director of In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc.



An intimate evening of song,
floetry and sharing with
noted author, activist, rapper
Tim’m West & Friends


18th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration

In The Meantime celebrated the 18th annual Kwanzaa event on UJAMAA the 4th Principle of Kwanzaa. Gumbo was created and served by Chef Deon.


MENtorship Leadership Dinner


MENtorship closed out the year with the ‘Leadership Dinner’ at Wakcano Restaurant down town LA., Sponsored by In The Meantime. It was an amazing evening for brotherhood, bonding and sharing. Omar Hasan the MENtorship Project Coordinator created a flawless evening for all to enjoy!




In The Meantime and BoiRevolution co-hosted this year’s Black Party Masquerade Ball, at the haunted Carl Bean House, In The Meantime @ Adams. This dark and lovely extravaganza hosted an amazing mix of LA’s notables of all ages. Men and women all dressed in Black, adorned with mask and full of tricks and treats. The kids turned out for the turn up!


Testing Van Hand Over

AHF gifted In The Meantime with the pink slip of our very own HIV Mobile Testing Unit. A select group of ITMT and AHF family came together for an intimate brunch to celebrate our ongoing relationship. We recently had the unit wrapped again and she is looking and running quite well. We are GRATEFUL for the years of support that we have received from ‘AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION’ under the leadership of General Michael Weinstein. A true soldier of the highest level. My life of leadership has been fueled and made better because of our friendship and partnership in this war to end stigma, racism, homophobia, and ultimately HIV/AIDS.

Umoja Retreat 2015

We are grateful for all of the brothers who attended this years In The Meantime’s UMOJA, ‘UNITY’ Retreat in Amazing Palm Springs California. This carefully selected group of men were charged with strategic planning, and ultimately ‘affirming our common bond’ as solid Black gay men loving ourselves and each other and our community.

Black Gay Men’s Wellness Month, August 1- 31, 2015

In The Meantime’s BRev BoiRevolution was proud to sponsor 40 young brothers to attend Gay night at Magic Mountain. Every year is a blast!!

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Saturday, August 29, 2015. Closing Reception for Black Gay Men’s Wellness Month.
Center Piece Book Signing and historic Couples Panel Presentation.Food, refreshments, community. Book Signing and panel presentation at the Earl Wooten’s Home. Featuring The West Coast premiere of Dwayne Vernon’s latest book, ‘The Master’s Plan’. Donta Morrison, actor, community activist, radio host, and noted author will facilitated a panel discussion with married couples, Quincey and Deondray, Octavius and Jamal Sims and Marcus and Chris, all legally married couples.


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OUTSIDE THE DREAM (KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles) on Aug 29, 2015: VASH BODDIE hosted a discussion on homophobia in the Black Community with OMAR HASAN (Project Coordinator for the NIA Project at In The Meantime Men’s Group) + GABRIEL MALDONADO (Executive Director, TruEvolution; Council Member, President Barack Obama’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.) + DR. SYLVIA RHUE (writer, religious scholar, award-winning documentarian – “All God’s Children”). [Producer/Director Steve Pride, PA Matthew McLaughlin, Board Op Fedrico Garcia] Click the link below to listen in on this much needed discussion:…/outside-the-dream-150829



radiothumb1 radiothumb2



Join ITMT for a very special evening as we screen the landmark Marlon Riggs’ film TOUNGUES UNTIED. We are overjoyed to have award-winning director/writer/actor MAURICE JAMAL (Dirty Laundry, Chappelle’s Show) joining us to host the screening and Talk Out immediately following.
An artist and an advocate,
Mr. Jamal cites TOUNGUES UNTIED as the first film to inspire his work, and brings a unique perspective as an openly gay Black media mogul. The night promises to be filled with lots of laughter, provocative talk & a few surprises.


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015, ‘What Would Jesus Do? ’, facilitated by Pastor Curt D. Thomas, Senior pastor of the Renewed Church of Los Angeles, community activist. A panel of affirming Ministers will speak to the intersection of race, sexual identity/ expression and practical spiritual living for Black gay men. Co-hosted by ‘The Renewed Church of Los Angeles’ and Unity Fellowship of Christ Church, Rev. Russell E. Thornhill will be joining the esteemed panel of local ministers.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2015, A Dialogue with ‘Young Black Gay Men’, ‘Growing Up Gay, In A Different Time And Space’, facilitated by Greg Wilson, Deputy Director at REACH LA, Youth advocate, HIV expert, community activist.
Co-Hosted by the Reach LA, ‘OVAHNESS’ Youth Leadership Group and In The Meantime’s ‘BoiRevolution’, Social Club, APLA’s R3VNG Young BlackGay Men’s Project.


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TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2015, ‘Our Love Is Worth Protecting’, Panel Presentation with Los Angeles Black Gay Male leadership.
PANELIST: Pastor Curt Thomas, Senior Pastor, The Renewed Church Jayce Baron Sadler, Kiss+Tell Collective, Edward Chef Dione Bullard, Master Chef, Terrell Winder, Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, UCLA, Jeffrey King, Founder, Executive Director, In The Meantime
FACILITATED BY: Gabriel Maldonado, Executive Director of TrueEvolution and nationally recognized social justice activist.
CO-HOSTED BY: Jerome Woods, The Black LGBT Project, Gabriel Maldonado, TrueEvolutiion, and Jayce Baron’s, Kiss+Tell Collective.


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Click Here To View Events From Brotha Fest



Mentor Ad


Today was an amazing day in LA as brothers of all ages came together to help launch the MENtorship Project at the lovely Carl Bean House, the home of In The Meantime. It was a perfect day for an LA style brunch. A special thanks to all of the host committee members for helping to make today, (the second day of spring) a wonderful success.


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BoiRevolution! BoiRevolution and Brandon Anthony co-hosted, THE BACHELOR PARTY, ‘BY INVITATION ONLY’, a Valentine’s evening event for a select group of young brothers 18-35. The romantic Carl Bean House, (home of In The Meantime Men’s Group) was decked out in red and gold, scented candles with white and red roses to stimulate all of the senses. A special thanks to Donta and Eddie for taking excellent care in catering the food, SoLynn for the always on point staffing, DJ LALA Land for the beats, the BoiRev core group and the ITMT staff members for setup, facilitation and breakdown. You rock JavonTae! We are proud of you for the great work that you are doing as one of our personal testers, Youth program coordinator and BoiRev lead person.



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BLACK LIFE MATTERS! On the eve of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, In The Meantime and BoiRevolution hosted a packed house for an evening of TRINA and HIV Awareness, Education and HIV Testing. A special thanks to all our friends and supporters who volunteered, Ivan Daniel our host for the evening, William and Leroy the owners of the AMAZING Vintage Hollywood in South Los Angeles, our longtime friend and promoter partner Joe Hawkins, the creator of Blacktino Oasis. Brandon Anthony lit up the stage as he joined Ivan for a POWER duo Promoters moment! Great work JavonTae and Gabriel for your powerful statements to the audience. They heard you. We tested approximately 40 men with the help of our brother partner agency, AHF. We distributed condoms and educational materials in our swag bags at the close of the evening.

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In The Meantime’s 16th annual Kwanzaa Celebration. ‘PURPOSE’, An open discussion based on the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, facilitated by Jeffrey King

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This year In The Meantime was proud to feature DJ Ben spinning House, R&B and hip hop, Earl Wooten featuring holiday medleys on the keyboard, a spoken word tribute by Sister Tashia Asanti, a champagne reception and a catered Buffett by Chef Rickie, the great.

In The Meantime presented 6 deserving human beings with the ‘In The Meantime Medal Of Honor”

Pastor Kelvin Sauls, Founders Award

Pastor Curt D. Thomas, King Rustin Award,

Samantha Granberry, Kevin Spears Humanitarian Award

Whitney Engeran- Cordova, Kevin Spears Humanitarian Award

Earnest Winborne, Image Award

Charlie Parker, Volunteer of the Year


16th-Anniversary1thumbnail 16th-Anniversary2thumbnail 16th-Anniversary3thumbnail 16th-Anniversary4thumbnail 16th-Anniversary5thumbnail